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Alan Curtis - Gluck: Ezio (2011)

Classic | Author: SELMER | 23-05-2019, 06:54
Alan Curtis - Gluck: Ezio (2011)
Artist: Alan Curtis
Title Of Album: Gluck: Ezio
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Erato Disques
Country: US
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (*image + .cue, log, booklet)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 2:26:49
Full Size: 647 MB


Disc 1
Act 1
1. Sinfonia – Allegro,
2. Sinfonia – Andante,
3. Sinfonia - Allegro di molto,
4. Sinfonia – Marcia,
5. Scena I - Recitativo: Signoe, vincemmo ,
6. Scena I - Aria: Se tu la reggi al volo,
7. Scena II - Recitativo: Ezio, lascia ch?io stringa,
8. Scena II - Aria: Pensa a serbarmi, o cara,
9. Scena III - Recitativo: E soffrirai che sposa abbia la figlia,
10. Scena III - Aria: Caro padre,
11. Scena IV - Recitativo accompagnato: Pria che sorga l?aurora,
12. Scena V - Recitativo: Ezio sappia ch?io bramo seco parlar,
13. Scena V - Aria: Se povero il ruscello,
14. Scena VI - Recitativo: Del ciel felice dono,
15. Scena VI - Aria: So chi t?accese,
16. Scena VII-VIII - Recitativo: Vedrem se ardisce ancora,
17. Scena VII-VIII - Aria: Se fedele mi brama il regnante,
18. Scena IX - Recitativo: A cesare nascondi,
19. Scena IX - Aria: Ancor non mremi il soglio,
20. Scena X - Recitativo: Via, per mio danna aduna,
21. Scena X - Aria: Finche un zeffiro soave

Disc 2
Act 2
1.Scena I-III - Recitativo: Qual silenzio c mai questo!,
2. Scena I-III - Aria : Dubbioso amante,
3. Scena IV - Recitativo: E puoi d?un tuo delitto,
4. Scena IV - Aria: Va? dal furor portata,
5. Scena V-VI - Recitativo: Che fo? Dove mi volgo?,
6. Scena V-VI - Recagli quell?acciaro,
7. Scena VII - Recitativo: Folle c colui che al tuo favor si fida,
8. Scena VII - Aria: Nasce al bosco in rozza cuna ,
9. Scena VIII-IX - Recitativo: Olr, qui si conduca il prigionier,
10. Scena VIII-IX - Aria: Ecco alle mie catene,
11. Scena X - Recitativo: Ingratissima donna!,
12. Scena X - Terzetto: Passami il cor, tiranno!,

Act 3
13. Scena I - Recitativo: E ben, da quel superbo,
14. Scena I - Aria: Peni tu per un?ingrata,
15. Scena II-IV - Recitativo: Olr, Varo si chiami,
16. Scena II-IV - Aria: Per la memoria,
17. Scena V-VIII - Recitativo: Generoso monarco,
18. Scena V-VIII - Aria: Per tutto il timore,
19. Scena IX - Recitativo: Parte una volta,
20. Scena IX - Aria: Tergi l?ingiust lagrime,
21. Scena X - Recitativo accompagnato: Misera dove son!,
22. Scena X - Aria: Ah non son io che parlo,
23. Scena XI-XII, Scena ultima - Recitativo: Inorridisci, o Roma,
24. Scena XI-XII, Scena ultima - Coro: Della vita nel dubbio camino

Gluck wrote his opera seria Ezio in 1750 for production in Prague. (In 1762, after the formal and stylistic breakthroughs of Orfeo ed Euridice, he revised the opera for a Vienna production, but it's the original version that's recorded here.) The opera has many of the characteristics of Italian late Baroque opera; it's essentially a series of arias separated by accompanied recitatives, the formula that the composer reacted against in Orfeo. It's not Gluck at his most innovative or original, but it's a fine example of opera seria, with a number of impressive arias and some very expressive recitatives, and it can make quite an impact in a performance as fine as this one. Alan Curtis has a deep understanding of what makes early opera tick, and he conducts Il Complesso Barocco in an elegant, engaging performance that has plenty of momentum. The recording comes from a live 2008 concert performance at Theatre de Poissy, but there is absolutely no audience noise, and the sound is immaculate and well-balanced. All the soloists are absolutely superb, and although this was a concert rather than a staged performance they convey a heady dramatic heat in their interactions. Contralto Sonia Prina exudes masculine aggressiveness in the title role and delivers Ezio's aria "Se fedele mi brama il regnant," a coloratura tour-de-force, with dazzling command. Tenor Topi Lehtipuu seems to grow in artistic stature with each new recording he makes, and he comes across with great dramatic force and effortless vocal agility. His aria "Se povero il ruscello" is one of the highlights of the album (and also of the opera; Gluck recognized this and lifted it for use in Orfeo ed Euridice). It's easy to hear the growth in countertenor Max Cencic's already formidable assurance and vocal distinctiveness. Highly recommended for fans of late Baroque or early Classical opera. -- Stephen Eddins

Alan Curtis - Gluck: Ezio (2011)

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