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Max Roach - The Complete Mercury Max Roach Plus Four Sessions (7 CDs, 2000)

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Max Roach - The Complete Mercury Max Roach Plus Four Sessions (7 CDs, 2000)Artist: Max Roach
Title Of Album: The Complete Mercury Max Roach Plus Four Sessions
Year Of Release: 2000
Label: Mosaic
Country: EU
Genre: Jazz
Quality: FLAC (*tracks+.cue,log,scans)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 7 CDs, 08:12:24 min
Full Size: 2,9 Gb

This seven-CD box set features 95 tracks from legendary drummer Max Roach's small group, consisting of the 1956-1960 recordings for Emarcy and Mercury Records, as these noteworthy sessions also represent the drummer's post Max Roach-Clifford Brown Quintet output. In 1956 the jazz world witnessed the tragic and untimely deaths of the great trumpeter Clifford Brown and pianist Ritchie Powell. Within these seven CDs, we find Roach maintaining his assault on jazz along with trumpeter Kenny Dorham, pianist Ray Bryant, and the drummer's bandmates from the Clifford Brown years, tenor saxophone giant Sonny Rollins and bassist George Morrow. Jazz aficionados will find a wealth of fantastic music here, as Roach also employed renowned artists such as tenor saxophonists Hank Mobley, Stanley Turrentine, and George Coleman, along with trumpeter Booker Little and many others of note. Essentially, Mosaic Records continues to excel in the reissue department, as they seemingly take great pains to portray or perhaps enhance the original LP recordings for modern day audiophiles and jazz connoisseurs. This collection also includes extensive annotations, biographies of the artists, interviews, recollections, and categorical documentation of the sessions presented in a matrix format. Here, the listener is treated to hard bop renditions of Charlie Parker's "Billie's Bounce" and "Koko," where trumpeter Kenny Dorham and tenor saxophonist George Coleman trade vicious, fierce fours, as the various aggregations and ensembles also tackle standards and originals. The infamous union of Max Roach and Buddy Rich originally titled, "Roach vs. Rich" presents an added bonus to this all encompassing package, as these works are further enhanced by Gigi Gryce's bold, fiery arrangements along with the addition of 14 previously unreleased alternate takes. Simply stated, Roach and Rich perform via a firebrand approach as the musician's distinct styles provide contrast and symmetry to Gryce's radiant horn charts. Basically, these pieces offer a glimpse of two masters/innovators whose respective techniques have often been imitated yet never duplicated. Suffice to state, Rich's blazing speed and unfathomable dexterity counterbalances Roach's complex, melodically constructed rolls, impeccable timing and bop-induced fills. Hence, the two are remarkable as they reciprocate impossibly fast motifs with cataclysmic fury. Overall, this 2000 release should be deemed required listening for astute observers of late-50's bebop and the continuing evolution of modern jazz. Highly recommended!

CD 1

1. Mr. X (A) 5:14
(Max Roach)
2. Body and Soul (A) 6:50
(Green-Heyman-Eyton- Sour)
3. Just One of Those Things (A) 7:19
(Cole Porter)
4. Ezz-thetic (B) 9:19
(George Russell)
5. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (B) 7:05
(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
6. Woody 'n' You (B) 6:52
(Dizzy Gillespie)
7. Dr. Free-Zee (B) 2:06
(Max Roach)
8. I'll Take Romance (C) 4:33
(B. Oakland-O. Hammerstein II)
9. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (C) 4:43
(D. Ellington-I. Mills)
10. Blues Waltz (C) 6:34
(Max Roach)
11. Love Letters (C) 8:55
(W. Donaldson-G. Kahn)
CD 2

1. Little Folks (D) 5:37
(Max Roach)
2. Minor Trouble (D) 6:59
(Ray Bryant)
3. Valse Hot (D) 14:23
(Sonny Rollins)
4. Lover (E) 6:15
(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
5. Raoul (F) 4:47
(Max Roach)
6. This Time The Dream's On Me (F) 5:18
(H. Arlen-J. Mercer)
7. Tune Up (F) 7:43
(Eddie Vinson)
8. Confirmation (G) 4:26
(Charlie Parker)
9. Au Privave (G) 4:16
(Charlie Parker)
10. Anthropology (G) 4:26
(C. Parker-D. Gillespie)
11. Yardbird Suite (G) 3:54
(Charlie Parker)
CD 3

1. Billie's Bounce (H) 5:35
(Charlie Parker)
2. Ko-Ko (H) 7:55
(Charlie Parker)
3. Parker's Mood (H) 8:21
(Charlie Parker)
4. Shirley (I) (stereo take) 6:30
(George Coleman)
5. My Old Flame (I) (stereo take) 3:33
(S. Coslow-A. Johnston)
6. Sporty (I) 5:47
(Bill Lee)
7. Stella by Starlight (I) 4:17
(V. Young-N. Washington)
8. Stompin' at the Savoy (I) 2:50
9. Memo: To Maurice (I) (stereo take) 7:33
(Eddie Baker)
10. Shirley (I) (mono take) 6:38
(George Coleman)
11. My Old Flame (I) (mono take) 3:38
(S. Coslow-A. Johnston)
12. Memo: To Maurice (I) (mono take) 7:44
(Eddie Baker)
13. Stompin' at the Savoy (I) (mono outchorus) :54
CD 4
1. Spoken Introduction by Max Roach (J) 2:33
2. La Villa (J) 6:19
(Kenny Dorham)
3. A Night in Tunisia (J) 8:20
(D. Gillespie-F.Paparelli)
4. Deeds, Not Words (J) 4:28
(Bill Lee)
5. Minor Mode (J) 5:30
(Booker Little)
6. Tune Up (J) 5:21
(Eddie Vinson)
7. Love for Sale (J) 9:57
(Cole Porter)
8. Prelude (K) 5:06
(Consuela Lee Morehead)
9. Lepa (K) 2:08
(Muhal Richard Abrams)
10. Connie's Bounce (K) 5:19
(Bill Lee-Consuela Lee Morehead)
11. A Little Sweet (K) 3:05
(Max Roach)
12. Tympanalli (K) 4:52
(Max Roach)
13. Bemsha Swing (K) 5:26
(Thelonious Monk-Denzil Best)
14. There's No You (K) 5:41
(H. Hopper-T. Adair)

CD 5

1. Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing) (L) 4:08
(Louis Prima)
2. The Casbah (L) 4:59
(Gigi Gryce)
3. Sleep (L) 3:19
(Earl Lebieg)
4. Figure Eights (L) 4:29
(B. Rich-M. Roach)
5. Yesterdays (L) 5:41
(J. Kern-O. Harbach)
6. Big Foot (L) 5:02
(Charlie Parker)
7. Limehouse Blues (L) 3:44
(D. Furber-P. Braham)
8. Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye (L) 3:57
(Erdman-Fio Rito-Kahn-Russo)
9. You're Mine, You (N) 2:43
(J. Green-E. Heyman)
10. Come Rain or Come Shine (N) 3:19
(H. Arlen-J. Mercer)
11. Wild Is the Wind (N) 3:17
(D. Tiomkin-N. Washington)
12. Speak Low (N) 2:50
(K. Weill-O. Nash)
13. I Concentrate on You (N) 4:52
(Cole Porter)
14. Moon-Faced and Starry-Eyed (N) 2:56
(K. Weill-L. Hughes)
15. Never Let Me Go (N) 3:04
(G. Jenkins-F. Burke)
16. Namely You (N) 2:54
(G. DePaul-J. Mercer)
17. Never Leave Me (N) 6:46
(Gordon Jenkins)
18. You're My Thrill (N) 3:41
(J. Gordon-S. Clare)
CD 6

1. Limehouse Blues (alternate take) (L) 3:56
(D. Furber-P. Braham)
2. The Casbah (alternate take) (L) 4:27
(Gigi Gryce)
3. Big Foot (first alternate take) (L) 5:01
(Charlie Parker)
4. Big Foot (second alternate take) (L) 5:14
(Charlie Parker)
5. Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing) (alternate take) (L) 4:23
(Louis Prima)
6. Speak Low (first alternate take) (N) 2:05
(K. Weill-O. Nash)
7. Speak Low (second alternate take) (N) 2:53
(K. Weill-O. Nash)
8. Never Let Me Go (first alternate take) (N) 3:08
(G. Jenkins-F. Burke)
9. Never Let Me Go (second alternate take) (N) 3:11
(G. Jenkins-F. Burke)
10. Come Rain Or Come Shine (first alternate take) (N) 3:00
(H. Arlen-J. Mercer)
11. Come Rain Or Come Shine (second alternate take) (N) 3:10
(H. Arlen-J. Mercer)
12. Wild Is The Wind (alternate take) (N) 3:17
(D. Tiomkin-N. Washington)
13. You're Mine, You (first alternate take) (N) 3:11
(J. Green-E. Heyman)
14. You're Mine, You (second alternate take) (N) 2:47
(J. Green-E. Heyman)
15. You're Mine, You (third alternate take) (N) 2:50
(J. Green-E. Heyman)
16. I Concentrate On You (alternate take) (N) 4:49
(Cole Porter)
17. Never Leave Me (alternate take) (N) 6:44
(Gordon Jenkins)
CD 7
1. Quiet as It's Kept (M) 6:10
(Bill Lee)
2. To Lady (M) 6:06
(Leon Mitchell)
3. Lotus Blossom (M) 5:32
(Kenny Dorham)
4. As Long as You're Living (M) 5:56
(J. Priester-T. Turrentine)
5. The More I See You (M) 4:02
(H. Warren-M. Gordon)
6. Juliano (M) 5:42
(Julian Priester)
7. Parisian Sketches (O) 17:08
(Max Roach)
index 1: The Tower
index 2: The Champs
index 3: The Caves
index 4: The Left Bank
index 5: The Arch
8. Nica (O) 4:46
(Sonny Clark)
9. Petit Dejeuner (O) 4:03
(Julian Priester)
10. Un Nouveau Complet (O) 3:22
(Tommy Turrentine)
11. Liberte (O) 6:25
(Max Roach)

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