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King Crimson - The Road to Red [Limited Edition Box Set] (2013)

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King Crimson - The Road to Red [Limited Edition Box Set] (2013)
Artist: King Crimson
Title Of Album: The Road to Red
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Panegyric / KCCBX7
Genre: Prog Rock, Jazz-Rock, Art Rock
Total Time: 18:12:43
Format: FLAC (tracks +.cue, log-file)
Quality: Lossless
Total Size: 6.91 gb

Now The Road To Red offers a comprehensive overview of this final tour and at last does justice to a group who were operating at the very height of their powers. Every soundboard quality recording known to exist is presented with audio fully restored, all released on CD for the first time. There are also five complete concerts, drawn from multi-track recordings, alongside the restored audio bootleg of the band's final show from New York and a new stereo mix of Red by Robert Fripp and Steven Wilson undertaken in 2012. A total of 16 concerts are featured across 20 discs, with the studio Red as the 21st CD. The set also features: A DVD containing a high resolution stereo presentation of USA (in all mixes) and the new stereo mix of Red 2 Blu-Ray discs containing the five full length multi-track concert recordings (newly transferred at the highest resolution available from the original analogue Dolby SR source mix-down tapes & presented in 24/192 DTS-HD master sound), new & original stereo versions of Red and the existing 5.1 multi-channel mixes of the album presented in 24/96 DTS-HD also feature on Blu-Ray.

King Crimson - The Road to Red [Limited Edition Box Set] (2013)


Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Columbus, OH - April 28, 1974
CD1-1 The Great Deceiver
CD1-2 Lament
CD1-3 Improv I
CD1-4 Exiles
CD1-5 Fracture
CD1-6 Easy Money
CD1-7 Improv II
CD1-8 The Night Watch
CD1-9 RF Announcement

Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA - April 29, 1974
CD2-1 Walk On: No Pussyfooting
CD2-2 The Great Deceiver
CD2-3 Lament
CD2-4 Improv: Bartley Butsford
CD2-5 Exiles
CD2-6 Fracture
CD2-7 Easy Money
CD2-8 Improv: Daniel Dust
CD2-9 The Night Watch
CD3-1 Doctor Diamond
CD3-2 Starless
CD3-3 Improv: Wilton Carpet
CD3-4 The Talking Drum
CD3-5 Lark's Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD3-6 21st Century Schizoid Man

Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX - June 5, 1974
CD4-1 The Great Deceiver
CD4-2 Lament
CD4-3 Improv
CD4-4 Exiles
CD4-5 Fracture
CD4-6 Starless
CD4-7 The Talking Drum
CD4-8 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)

Tarrant County Convention Centre, Fort Worth, TX - June 6, 1974
CD5-1 Walk On: No Pussyfooting
CD5-2 Easy Money
CD5-3 Lament
CD5-4 Fracture
CD5-5 Improv
CD5-6 The Talking Drum
CD5-7 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD5-8 21st Century Schizoid Man

Fairground Arena, Oklahoma City, OK - June 7, 1974
CD6-1 The Great Deceiver
CD6-2 Lament
CD6-3 Improv I
CD6-4 Exiles
CD6-5 Fracture
CD6-6 Starless
CD6-7 Improv II
CD6-8 The Talking Drum
CD6-9 The Talking Drum Insert
CD6-10 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)

Civil Auditorium, El Paso, TX - June 8, 1974
CD7-1 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD7-2 Lament
CD7-3 Improv I
CD7-4 Exiles
CD7-5 Easy Money
CD7-6 Fracture
CD7-7 RF Announcement
CD7-8 Starless (Part I)
CD7-9 Starless (Part II)

Coliseum, Denver, CO - June 16, 1974
CD8-1 The Great Deceiver
CD8-2 Lament
CD8-3 Exiles
CD8-4 Easy Money
CD8-5 Starless
CD8-6 The Talking Drum

Performing Arts Centre, Milwaukee, WI - June 22, 1974
CD9-1 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD9-2 Lament
CD9-3 Improv I
CD9-4 Exiles
CD9-5 Improv II
CD9-6 The Night Watch
CD9-7 Starless

Aquinas College, Aquinas College - June 23, 1974
CD10-1 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD10-2 Lament
CD10-3 Improv I
CD10-4 Exiles
CD10-5 Easy Money
CD10-6 Improv II
CD10-7 The Great Deceiver
CD10-8 Fracture
CD10-9 Starless

Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario - June 24, 1974
CD11-1 Walk On: No Pussyfooting
CD11-2 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD11-3 Lament
CD11-4 Exiles
CD11-5 Improv: The Golden Walnut
CD11-6 The Night Watch
CD11-7 Fracture
CD12-1 Improv: Clueless And Slightly Slack
CD12-2 Easy Money
CD12-3 Starless
CD12-4 21st Century Schizoid Man

Convention Center, Quebec City, Quebec - June 25, 1974
CD13-1 21st Century Schizoid Man
CD13-2 Lament
CD13-3 Improv I
CD13-4 Exiles
CD13-5 Easy Money
CD13-6 Improv II
CD13-7 Fracture
CD13-8 Starless

Kennedy Centre, Washington, DC - June 27, 1974
CD14-1 Lament
CD14-2 Improv I
CD14-3 Exiles
CD14-4 Easy Money
CD14-5 Improv II
CD14-6 Fracture
CD14-7 Starless

Casino Arena, Asbury Park, NJ - June 28, 1974
CD15-1 Walk On: No Pussyfooting
CD15-2 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD15-3 Lament
CD15-4 Exiles
CD15-5 Improv: Asbury Park
CD15-6 Easy Money
CD15-7 Improv
CD15-8 Fracture
CD15-9 Starless
CD15-10 21st Century Schizoid Man

Casino Arena, Asbury Park, NJ - June 28, 1974
CD16-1 Walk On: No Pussyfooting
CD16-2 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD16-3 Lament
CD16-4 Exiles
CD16-5 Improv: Asbury Park
CD16-6 Easy Money
CD16-7 Fracture
CD16-8 Starless
CD16-9 21st Century Schizoid Man

Penn State University, University Park, PA - June 29, 1974
CD17-1 Walk On: No Pussyfooting
CD17-2 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD17-3 Lament
CD17-4 Exiles
CD17-5 Improv: Is There Life Out There?
CD17-6 Easy Money
CD17-7 Improv: It Is For You, But Not For Us
CD17-8 Fracture
CD17-9 Starless

Palace Theatre, Providence, RI - June 30, 1974
CD18-1 Walk On: No Pussyfooting
CD18-2 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)
CD18-3 Lament
CD18-4 Exiles
CD18-5 Improv: A Voyage To The Centre Of The Cosmos
CD18-6 Easy Money
CD18-7 Improv: Providence
CD19-1 Fracture
CD19-2 Starless
CD19-3 21st Century Schizoid Man

Central Park, New York, NY - July 1, 1974
CD20-1 Walk On: No Pussyfooting
CD20-2 21st Century Schizoid Man
CD20-3 Lament
CD20-4 Improv
CD20-5 Exiles
CD20-6 Improv: Cerberus
CD20-7 Easy Money
CD20-8 Fracture
CD20-9 Starless
CD20-10 The Talking Drum
CD20-11 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II)

Red - 2013 Stereo Mix
CD21-1 Red
CD21-2 Fallen Angel
CD21-3 One More Nightmare
CD21-4 Providence
CD21-5 Starless

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