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Slim Harpo - Buzzin' The Blues: The Complete Slim Harpo (2015) [5CD Box Set]

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Slim Harpo - Buzzin' The Blues: The Complete Slim Harpo (2015) [5CD Box Set]
Artist: Slim Harpo
Title Of Album: Buzzin' The Blues: The Complete Slim Harpo [5CD Box Set]
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Bear Family [CD 17339 EK]
Country: USA
Genre: Blues / Electric Blues / Harmonica Blues / Swamp Blues
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue,log,scans)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 06:50:11
Full Size: 1,60 GB

Back when the Rolling Stones were proud to be the voice of revolt and Mick Jagger was as far away from his knighthood as Zayn Malik is from a seat in the House of Lords, they were, very occasionally, modest, not to say humble. A couple years after cutting their eponymous first album in 1964, chock full of covers of blues and rhythm and blues songs by black artists including a buzz-toned slice of anthropomorphism about our favourite honey-making insect, Jagger told Rolling Stone magazine: “You could say that we did blues to turn people on, but why they would be turned on by us is unbelievably stupid. I mean what's the point in listening to us doing ‘I’m a King Bee’ when you can hear Slim Harpo do it?”


Disc: 1
01. I'm A King Bee
02. I Got Love If You Want It
03. Wondering And Worryin'
04. Strange Love
05. You'll Be Sorry One Day
06. One More Day
07. Buzz Me Babe
08. Late Last Night
09. What A Dream
10. Blues Hangover
11. Don't Start Cryin' Now
12. Rainin' In My Heart
13. Snoopin' Around (instrumental)
14. Bobby Sox Baby
15. Dream Girl
16. My Home Is A Prison
17. Moody Blues (instrumental)
18. I Love The Life I'm Living
19. Buzzin' (instrumental)
20. My Little Queen Bee (Got A Brand New King)
21. I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis)
22. We're Two Of A Kind
23. Still Rainin' In My Heart
24. What's Goin 'On Baby
25. Sittin' Here Wondering
26. Harpo's Blues
27. Please Don't Turn Me Down
28. Baby Scratch My Back
29. I'm Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil)
30. Shake Your Hips
31. Midnight Blues
32. I'm Your Breadmaker, Baby
33. Loving You (The Way I Do)

Disc: 2
01. Tip On In (Part 1)
02. Tip On In (Part 2)
03. I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got
04. I've Got To Be With You Tonight
05. Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu
06. Mailbox Blues
07. Mohair Sam
08. I Just Can't Leave You
09. That's Why I Love You
10. Just For You
11. Folsom Prison Blues
12. Mutual Friend
13. I've Got My Finger On Your Trigger
14. The Price Is Too High
15. My Baby She's Got It
16. I'm So Sorry
17. I've Been A Good Thing For You
18. Hey Little Lee
19. Jody Man
20. Rainin' In My Heart (overdubbed)
21. Stick Your Chest Out Baby
22. The Music's Hot
23. You Can't Make It
24. The Hippy Song
25. Dynamite
26. Boogie Chillun
27. Rock Me Baby
28. Baby Please Come Home

Disc: 3
01. One Of These Days
02. That Ain't Your Business
03. I'm A King Bee (Alternative)
04. This Ain't No Place For Me
05. I Got Love If You Want It (Alternative)
06. Things Gonna Change
07. Wondering And Worryin' (Alternative 1)
08. Strange Love (Alternative 1)
09. Wondering And Worryin' (Alternative 2)
10. One More Day (Alternative 1)
11. Late Last Night (Alternative 1)
12. Cigarettes
13. One More Day (Alternative 2)
14. Bobby Sox Baby (Alternative)
15. Buzz Me Babe (Alternative)
16. Late Last Night (Alternative 2)
17. That Ain't Your Business
18. Things Gonna Change
19. Talking Blues (aka Blues Hangover)
20. What's Goin' On
21. You Ain't Never Had to Cry (aka Don't Start Cryin' Now)
22. That's Alright (You'll Be Sorry One Day)
23. That's Alright (Alternative)
24. Yeah Yeah Baby
25. Dream Girl (Alternative)
26. Don't Start Cryin' Now (Alternative)
27. Blues Hangover (Alternative)

Disc: 4
01. Moody Blues (Instrumental, Alternative)
02. Rainin' In My Heart (Alternative 1)
03. Rainin' In My Heart (Alternative 2)
04. Wild About My Baby
05. That's Alright Baby (Don't Start Cryin Now)
06. Lover's Confession
07. Something Inside Me
08. Still Rainin' In My Heart
09. A Man Is Crying
10. Tonite I'm Lonely
11. I Love The Life I'm Living (Alternative 1)
12. Buzzin' (Instrumental, Alternative)
13. I Love The Life I'm Living (Alternative 2)
14. My Little Queen Bee (Alternative)
15. Little Sally Walker
16. Boogie Chillun
17. Blueberry Hill
18. I'm Waiting On You Baby (Version 1)
19. We're Two Of A Kind (Alternative)
20. I'm Waiting On You Baby (Version 2)
21. You'll Never Find A Love (As True As Mine)
22. I Don't Want No One (To Take You Away From Me) (Version 1)
23. Baby Scratch My Back (The Scratch) (Alternative)
24. I Don't Want No One (To Take You Away From Me) (Version 2)
25. Baby You Got What I Want
26. Your Love For Me Is Gone
27. I Gotta Stop Loving You
28. Stop Working Blues
29. I Just Can't Leave You
30. There's Nothing As Sweet As Making Up

Disc: 5 (Live)
01. Star Time (Set 1:Theme and Introduction)
02. Hold Me Tenderly
03. Little Liza Jane (Set 1)
04. I’m A King Bee (Set 1)
05. Buzzin'
06. I Got Love If You Want It (Set 1)
07. You Know I Love You
08. Lottie Mo
09. Everybody Needs Somebody
10. Big Boss Man
11. I'll Take Care Of You
12. Boogie Chillun
13. Moody Blues (instrumental)
14. Sugar Coated Love
15. Last Night
16. Matilda (unknown vocalist)
17. Talk To Me Baby (unknown vocalist)
18. Star Time (Set 2: Theme and Introduction)
19. I'm A King Bee (Set 2)
20. I Don't Play
21. I Got Love If You Want It (Set 2)
22. Little Liza Jane (Set 2)
23. When The Saints Go Marchin' In
24. Rainin' In My Heart

Slim Harpo - Buzzin' The Blues: The Complete Slim Harpo (2015) [5CD Box Set]

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