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VA - Rimsky-Korsakov: Opera Edition (2005)

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VA - Rimsky-Korsakov: Opera Edition (2005)
Artist: Various Artists
Title Of Album: Rimsky-Korsakov: Opera Edition
Year Of Release: 2005
Label: Capriccio Records
Country: RU
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (*image + .cue, log, scans)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 08:20:33
Full Size: 2.05 GB


Rimsky-Korsakov - Snegurochka (3CD)
CD 1
01. Prologue: Scene Of The Spring Fairy With The Birds: 'Der Winter Weicht, Die Hahne Werden Laut...' - Lyubomir Dyakovski
02. Recitative And Aria Of The Spring Fairy. Recitative: 'Zur Rechten Zeit...' - Alexandrina Milcheva
03. Aria: 'Wie Anders Grussen Mich...' - Alexandrina Milcheva Listen
04. Recitative Of The Spring Fairy: 'Gespielinnen: Ihr Weiss Gestreiften Elstern' - Alexandrina Milcheva
05. Song And Dance Of The Birds: 'Kamen Die Vogel' - Alexandrina Milcheva/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
06. Scene Of The Spring Fairy With King Frost: 'Ach Es Schneit' - Alexandrina Milcheva/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
07. Song Of King Frost: 'Alle Hauser Vom First Bis Zum Dach...' - Nicola Ghiuselev
08. Recitative: 'Du Hast Hier Lang Genug Geweilt...' - Alexandrina Milcheva/Nicola Ghiuselev
09. Scene Of The Snow Maiden, King Frost, Spring Fairy: 'Hallo. Ach Du Mein Armes Wildes... - Elena Zemenkova/Alexandrina Milcheva/Nicola Ghiuselev
10. Aria Of The Snow Maiden: 'Nach Beeren Mit Den Anderen Madchen...'/Recitative: 'Den... - Elena Zemenkova/Alexandrina Milcheva/Nicola Ghiuselev
11. Arietta Of The Snow Maiden: 'Viel Tausend Mal Vernehm Ich...' - Elena Zemenkova
12. Trio: 'Horst Du? Vergehen!'/Appearance Of The Forest Sprite: 'Soll Geschehen...' - Elena Zemenkova/Alexandrina Milcheva/Nicola Ghiuselev
13. Chor. Carnival Procession: 'Noch Vor Tag Hat Den Lenz...' - Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
14. Carnival Puppet And Chorus: 'Der Sommer Flieht...' - Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
15. Final Scene: 'Haltet! Wie Ist's Moglich...' - Vessela Zorova/Lyubomir Dyakovski/Elena Zemenkova/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
16. Act One: Intro - Bulgarian Radio Sym Orch/Stoyan Angelov
17. Scene: 'Dass Ich Verweilen Darf...' - Elena Zemenkova/Stefka Mineva/Lyubomir Dyakovski
18. Lel's First Song: 'Kind Des Waldes...' - Stefka Mineva
19. Lel's Second Song: 'Durch Den Wald Ein Rauschen Zieht...' - Stefka Mineva
20. 'Lehl, Unser Lehl...' - Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov/Elena Zemenkova

CD 2
01. Act One: Arietta Of Snow Maiden: 'Ach Das Tut Weh...' - Elena Zemenkova
02. Scene And Arietta Of Kupava: 'Schneeflockchen Steht Hier Ganz Allein...'/'Ach Nein, Er... - Stefka Evstatieva
03. Wedding Ritual: 'Gespielinnen...' - Stefka Evstatieva/Lyubomir Videnov/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
04. Scene Of Kupava With Snow Maiden And Misgir: 'Lasst Frohe Weisen...'/'Man Schleppt... - Stefka Evstatieva/Lyubomir Videnov/Lyubomir Dyakovski/Vessela Zorova/Stefka Mineva
05. Finale: 'Gespielinnen Und Freunde...' - Stefka Evstatieva/Stefka Mineva/Lyubomir Videnov/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
06. Act Two: Intro - Bulgarian Radio Sym Orch/Stoyan Angelov
07. Chor. Song Of The Blind Psalterists: 'Kunftiges Kundend Hell Tonen...' - Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
08. Scene Of The Tsar With Bermyata: 'O Vielgeliebter Zar...'/'Flehentlich Bittet...' - Avram Andreev/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
09. Duet: 'Vaterchen, Edler Zar...' - Avram Andreev/Stefka Evstatieva
10. Public Proclamation: 'Habet Acht, Hohe Herren...' - Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
11. Ceremonial Procession Of Tsar Berendey - Bulgarian Radio Sym Orch/Stoyan Angelov
12. Hymn Of The Berendeyans, Kupava, Lel, First And Second Criers, Chor - Stefka Evstatieva/Stefka Mineva/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
13. 'Seid Bedankt!...' - Stefka Evstatieva/Avram Andreev/Lyubomir Videnov/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
14. Cavatina Of The Tsar: 'Allmachtig Ist Natur...' - Avram Andreev
15. Scene: 'Mein Kind, Du Bist Zur...'/'O Grosser Zar...' - Elena Zemenkova/Avram Andreev/Stefka Mineva/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
16. Final Chorus: 'Allmachtiger, Allweiser...' - Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov

CD 3
01. Act Three: Scene In The Forest Clearing. Dance And Song Of The Beaver: 'Hei! Auf Dem Feld... - Elena Zemenkova/Stefka Mineva/Lyubomir Dyakovski/Avram Andreev/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor...
02. Cavatina Of The Tsar: 'Der Frohe Tag Entschwindet...' - Avram Andreev
03. Recitative: 'Noch Eine Lustbarkeit...' - Avram Andreev Listen
04. Dance Of The Tumblers - Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
05. Lel's Third Song: 'Zu Dem Donner Eine Wolke...' - Stefka Mineva
06. Recitative: 'Ich Danke Dir...'/'O Vater Zar' - Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
07. Scene: 'Geliebter Lehl, Hat's Dir Nicht...' - Elena Zemenkova/Lyubomir Videnov
08. Andantino: 'Fern In Blauer Meeresfluth...'/'Gemach...' - Lyubomir Videnov/Elena Zemenkova/Lyubomir Dyakovski
09. Transformation Of The Forest Sprite: 'Die Ganze Nacht Sollst...' - Lyubomir Dyakovski/Lyubomir Videnov
10. Scene of Lel With Kupava And Snow Maiden: 'Vergeblich Such' Ich Sie...' - Stefka Mineva/Stefka Evstatieva/Elena Zemenkova
11. Act Four: Intro - Bulgarian Radio Sym Orch/Stoyan Angelov
12. Scene: 'Mein Mutterlein...' - Elena Zemenkova/Alexandrina Milcheva
13. Flower Chor: 'Weisses, Keusches Maienglockchen...' - Alexandrina Milcheva/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
14. Scene: 'Ach Mutter, Mutter Was Geschieht...' - Elena Zemenkova/Alexandrina Milcheva
15. Duet Of Snow Maiden With Misgir: 'Halt An, Halt An, O Schneeflockchen' - Elena Zemenkova/Lyubomir Videnov
16. Finale: 'Zum Schatt'gen Baum Geleite Mich...' - Elena Zemenkova/Lyubomir Videnov/Avram Andreev/Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov
17. Hymn Of Praise To The Sun-god Yarilo: 'Lebensspendender Jarilo...' - Bulgarian Radio Sym Chor/Stoyan Angelov

Rimsky-Korsakov - Die Mainacht (2CD)
CD 4
1. Ouverture
2. Act 1, No. 1 Reigen: A my proso sejali, sejali!
3. No. 2 Lied: Solnyshko nizko, vecher uzh blizko
4. No. 3 Duett: Ne spish' ty, gordaja divchina!
5. No. 4 Erzahlung: Davno eto bylo. Zhil sotnik y tom dome
6. No. 5 Rezitativ und Pfingstlied: Vot, moja Galja, vot kak raakazyvajut starye
7. No. 6 Hopak-Szene: Gop! Gop! Gop, tra-la.
8. No. 7 Trio: Ganna! Ganna!
9. No. 8 Rezitativ und Spottlied: Ge, khlopcy!

CD 5
1. Act 2, No. 9 Trio: Skoro l' dumaete vy
2. No. 10 Szene des Kalenik und Erzahlung: Ish', kak rastjanul dorogu
3. No. 11 Spottlied, Szene und Trio: Aj!...Kakoj tam d'javol?
4. No. 12 Finale: Zdes'?
5. Act 3, No. 13 Szene der Nixen, Ukrainische Nacht und Lieder Lewkos: Kak...
6. Nixenreigen: Sobirajtes', devicy
7. Tanze und Spiele der Nixen: Molodec milyj
8. No. 14 Szene und Pfingstlied: Ne bojtes'!
9. No. 15 Levko, Levko, milyj ty moj!

Rimsky-Korsakov - The Golden Cockerel (2CD)
CD 6
1 The Golden Cockerel: Prologue: Introduction: I am the master magician (Astrologer)
2 The Golden Cockerel: Act 1: The King’s monologue: I have summoned you here (King Dodon)
3 Guidon’s plan: Great father (Guidon/King Dodon/Chorus of Boyars)
4 Afron’s plan (King Dodon/Boyars/Afron/Polkan/Guidon)
5 Hail, Majesty! Sire! (Astrologer) – Oh, that’s a fairy tale (King Dodon/The Golden Cockerel)
6 Cock-a-doodle-do! The coast is clear – The Parrot Scene (The Golden Cockerel/King Dodon/Amelfa)
7 The Dodon’s siesta – Cock-a-doodle-do! Beware! (Chorus of the People/Amelfa/The Golden Cockerel) – Our King! Father of the people! (Polkan/King Dodon/Afron/Chorus of Boyars/Guidon)
8 King Dodon’s dream (The Golden Cockerel/King Dodon/Amelfa/Chorus)
9 The Cockerel’s scene: Cock-a-doodle-do!... Oh! What misfortune! (The Golden Cockerel/Chorus of the People/Polkan/King Dodon)

CD 7
1 The Golden Cockerel: Act 2: Soldiers’ chorus: The silent night is ehispering fearful things (Chorus of Soldiers) – What terrible sight is this? – Behold, a tent! (King of Dodon/Polkan/Chrous of Soldiers)
2 The Queen of Shemakha’s entrance: Hail, O ray of morning sun (Queen of Shemakha/King of Dodon/Polkan)
3 Whose heart rich in love (Queen of Shemakha/King Dodon)
4 Dance of the Queen of Shemakha: At first I shall dance with a lowered veil (Queen of Shemakha/King of Dodon)
5 Sisters, who limps beside the resplendent beauty? (Chorus of Slaves) – Ho! Polkan! Sound the trumpers in victory (King Dodon/Chorus of Soldiers)
6 It is terrible, brothers (Chorus of the People/Amelfa)
7 Who is that stranger standing there? (Queen of Shemakha/King Dodon) – Great King, it is I (Astrologer)
8 King Dodon’s death: Ha, ha, ha! (Queen of Shemakha) – I’ve beaten him to death (King Dodon/The Golden Cockerel/Chorus of the People)
9 The Golden Cockerel: Epilogue: There, my story’s ended! (Astrologer)

Rimsky-Korsakov - Boyarinya Vera Sheloga
CD 8
1. Overture
2. Look Boyarishnya, what a fine string of beads
3. Lullaby, lullaby, lulla, lulla..
4. Did Olenka fall asleep to your song?
5. Who is it then? / Do not ask, Nadezhda!
6. I thought I heard a cuckoo ..
7. Stop! Were you not expecting other guests ?

To listen to these operas is to enter a magical world. Seriously: Rimsky-Korsakov was the grand master of the Russian fairy tale opera, charmingly characterized, brilliantly colorful, eccentrically constructed theater works that exist in their own truly magical musical world. In this four opera set, two of the four works are based on a Russian fairy tale -- The Snow Maiden and May Night -- one is described as a three-act opera after Pushkin, but it might as well be a fairy tale -- The Golden Cockerel -- one is described as a one-act opera that was originally intended to be the equivalent of Das Rheingold in the projected Russian equivalent of Der Ring -- Bayarinya Vera Sheloga. Each one is more delightful than the last, except for the last, which is delightful only until the almost tragic ending. While it is true that none of the performances included here -- two by Stoyan Angelov with the Bulgarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and one each by Alexander Lazarev with the Kolner Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester and Dimiter Manolov and the Sofia National Opera Orchestra -- are better than functional, but less than thrilling and the sound by Capriccio is just about acceptable but not much more, the works themselves are so enchanting that the lover of Russian operas from the Silver Age will be thrilled to have them on their shelves. -- James Leonard

VA - Rimsky-Korsakov: Opera Edition (2005)

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