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La Venexiana & Claudio Cavina - Francesco Cavalli: Artemisia (2011)

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La Venexiana & Claudio Cavina - Francesco Cavalli: Artemisia (2011)
Artist: La Venexiana & Claudio Cavina
Title Of Album: Francesco Cavalli: Artemisia
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Glossa
Country: Italy
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (*image + .cue, log, artwork)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 02:27:35
Full Size: 591 MB


CD 1:
01 Sinfonia. Artemisia, Eurillo, Indamoro: Dure selci
02 Artemisia, Meraspe: Ecco il mio vago
03 Meraspe, Ramiro, Artemia: Dubbia m’appar
04 Oronta, Niso: Che saetti ed incateni
05 Alindo, Oronta, Niso: Son le luci ch’adoro
06 Ramiro, Artemia, Meraspe: Quando il cor
07 Artemisia, Artemia, Meraspe: Amori, eh?
08 Indamoro, Artemisia, Meraspe: Pur ando l’importuno
09 Meraspe, Artemisia, Eurillo, Ramiro: Gl’artefici o Regina
10 Erisbe, Niso: Su l’April
11 Artemia, Ramiro: Zeffiretti placidetti
12 Artemisia, Meraspe: Hor che soli restiamo
13 Artemisia, Meraspe, Alindo: Clitarco prenditi un fior
14 Oronta, Alindo, Niso: Gran favor! Gran mercede!
15 Artemia, Ramiro: Ardo, sospiro, e piango
16 Alindo, Artemisia, Meraspe: Gia del vostro Nettuno
17 Niso, Erisbe: Cari, cari vegetabili

CD 2:
01 Oronta, Alindo: S’Amor vuol cosi
02 Artemisia, Meraspe, Indamoro: Che sospiri Clitarco?
03 Artemia, Ramiro: Ver me un sol fiato
04 Niso, Erisbe, Eurillo: Perdon ti chiedo
05 Indamoro, Artemisia, Eurillo, Niso, Erisbe: Di trombe guerriere
06 Erisbe, Niso: Niso, Niso!
07 Meraspe, Artemisia: Cara, cara de gl’occhi miei
08 Artemisia, Alindo, Artemia, Meraspe: Ella e qui
09 Erisbe, Niso, Eurillo: Hor vieni ad abbellirmi
10 Artemia: Se Meraspe crudel
11 Meraspe, Artemisia: Altri e gradito
12 Meraspe, Artemisia, Alindo: Che gratie!
13 Artemia, Ramiro: Dir, ch’io v’amo
14 Artemisia, Indamoro: Indamoro!
15 Erisbe, Eurillo, Niso: Se tu vuoi ch’io t’ami

CD 3:
01 Artemia: Ch’io peni cosi
02 Artemisia, Artemia, Meraspe: Artemia?
03 Oronta, Alindo: Dammi morte
04 Artemisia, Meraspe: Ecco il mio bene
05 Artemisia, Indamoro, Meraspe, Artemia: Servi, o la
06 Erisbe, Niso, Eurillo: Dite il vero, son nera?
07 Artemisia, Eurillo: Cor mio che sara
08 Alindo, Artemisia: E che fia mai quel foglio?
09 Artemisia, Meraspe: Veggio venir Clitarco
10 Ramiro, Alindo, Artemia: Hor siate a preghi miei
11 Artemisia, Meraspe: Al fin vuole il mio Fato
12 Erisbe, Niso, Eurillo: Non oso alzar le ciglia
13 Meraspe, Oronta: Respiri, chiudete
14 Oronta, Indamoro, Artemisia, Meraspe: Ma’ sen viene Artemisia
15 Alindo, Artemisia, Eurillo: Regina?
16 Oronta, Meraspe, Artemisia, Alindo, Artemia, Ramiro, Eurillo: Ecco Alindo

Where next for Claudio Cavina and La Venexiana after their exhilarating run of recordings of Monteverdi madrigals, operas and much more? One route is proving to be in the direction of Francesco Cavalli, the 17th -century composer who spent much of his working life in Venice, starting off as a chorister in St Mark s Basilica when Monteverdi himself was in charge. Although Cavalli has been known as a composer of Venetian seicento sacred music, it is his prolific contribution in the field of opera where he became one of the leading figures involved in the development of commercial opera companies from the 1640s onwards that has been receiving greater attention from artists in more recent times. And it is with a dramma per musica in Artemisia from the mid 1650s, with its tale of love, deceit and honour and the upholding of the virtues of the Venetian Republic (all this richly captured by the expressive style of Cavalli), that Cavina has chosen to contribute to that fresh look at Cavalli s music on this new recording from Glossa. Singers in the established style of La Venexiana, including the vocal star of Round M, Roberta Mameli and, recent finalist in the Handel Singing Competition, Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli (who takes the role of the love-torn Queen Artemisia, a character strong enough to drink her dead husband s ashes...) give vent to this glorious display of Venetian operatic splendour.

La Venexiana & Claudio Cavina - Francesco Cavalli: Artemisia (2011)

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