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Doulce Memoire & Denis Raisin-Dadre - Praetorius, Guedron: Grand Ball a la cour d'Henri IV (2006)

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Doulce Memoire & Denis Raisin-Dadre - Praetorius, Guedron: Grand Ball a la cour d'Henri IV (2006)
Artist: Doulce Memoire & Denis Raisin-Dadre
Title Of Album: Praetorius, Guedron: Grand Ball a la cour d'Henri IV
Year Of Release: 2006
Label: K617
Country: France
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (*image + .cue, log, booklet)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 1:04:34
Full Size: 319 MB


01] Michael Praetorius: Passemezze pour les cornets
02] Michael Praetorius: Bransles doubles
03] Jacques Mangent imprimeur: Mon amy s'en est alle
04] Pierre Guedron (1565-1621): A Paris sur petit pont
05] Michael Praetorius: Bransles de villages
06] Michael Praetorius: Bransles de villages
07] Michael Praetorius: Bransle gay double & bransle double de Poictu
08] Pierre Guedron: C'est une damoiselle
09] Michael Praetorius: Bransle gay
10] Pierre Guedron: Si c'est pour mon pucelage
11] Michael Praetorius: Courante CXLVI
12] Michael Praetorius: Courante CXLVII
13] Pierre Guedron: A la fin ce berger
14] Michael Praetorius: Reprise de la courante CXLVII
15] Michael Praetorius: Courante CXXI
16] Michael Praetorius: Courante CXXIII
17] Michael Praetorius: Reprise de la courante CXXI
18] Pierre Guedron: Ne vous offensez Madame
19] Michael Praetorius: Courantes CLIV, CLVII & CLII
20] Pierre Guedron: Lorsque j'estois petite garce
21] Michael Praetorius: Courante XCVII
22] Michael Praetorius: Courante CLXXXIII
23] Michael Praetorius: Reprise de la courante XCVII
24] Michael Praetorius: Courante sarabande CIV
25] Nos esprits libres et contents (2eme livre d'Airs de Cour, Ballard ed. 1609)
26] Michael Praetorius: Sarabande XXXIV
27] Pierre Guedron: Belle je maudirois le jour
28] Michael Praetorius: Passameze CCLXXXIII
29] Michael Praetorius: Gaillarde CCLXXXIV
30] Pierre Guedron: En ce bois si beau
31] Michael Praetorius: Gaillarde CCCIV
32] Michael Praetorius: Gaillarde CCC

"We are only at the very beginning of the immense task of understanding the vocal, instrumental, and choreographic practices of late sixteenth century France," writes this disc's annotator. It's Italy and its gigantic wedding spectacles that get all the attention at the end of the sixteenth century. (Imagine if Jenna Bush married the son of the president of Exxon Mobil and the White House enlisted hundreds of artists and musicians to build the ceremony.) This disc is, perhaps, for specialists, but it's a lot of fun for anybody. The French historical-instrument ensemble Doulce Memoire has joined together short (ca. one-minute) dances from the Terpsichore collection (1612) of Michael Praetorius with songs by French court composer Pierre Guedron to form an imagined "grand bal" or grand ball at the court of France's King Henry IV. It is uncertain from existing publications and commentaries what instruments were used in this repertoire; Doulce Memoire alternates between winds in the Praetorius dances and a small string group backing the Guedron. The group's most distinctive contribution is to play the selections mostly without pause (there are a few breaks), creating, in effect, a sixteenth century dance mix. The CD bins are filled with precious renditions of Praetorius, but these move and push forward as dance music should. Texts for Guedron's songs are given only in French -- not a major impediment to enjoying the music, but the subject matter is sexy, and translations would have produced a smile or two and been easy to fit into the acres of white space on the page. Libraries will want to have this disc, and it makes a fine choice as well for anyone looking for light party music beyond the usual selections -- that was the role it played in its own time. -- James Manheim

Doulce Memoire & Denis Raisin-Dadre - Praetorius, Guedron: Grand Ball a la cour d'Henri IV (2006)

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