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VA - La Contra Ola - Synth Wave & Post Punk From Spain 1980-86 (2018)

Electronic, Rock, Punk, Pop | Author: artmuss | 3-02-2018, 12:45
VA - La Contra Ola - Synth Wave & Post Punk From Spain 1980-86 (2018)Artist: Various Artists
Title Of Album: La Contra Ola - Synth Wave & Post Punk From Spain 1980-86
Year Of Release: 2018
Label: Les Disques Bongo Joe ?
Country: International
Genre: Synth-pop, New Wave, Post-Punk, Synthwave
Quality: FLAC (*tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 1:11:19
Full Size: 487 mb

La Contra Ola is the fascinating 1st ever survey of Spanish electronic music during the post-punk and synth wave phenomenon which swept subterranean US and European scenes circa 1980-1986.

By their own admission, Spain was late to electronic music, mostly due the restrictive dictatorship of General Franco. But when Franco fxcked off in 1975, it was open season for sounds made with boxes and plugged-in guitars. You’ll find many of the best examples from that period in this set, ranging from the funked EBM swerve of La Fura dels Baus and Dise?o Corbusier thru to the orientalist pop jitters of Lavabos Iturriaga and warped disco brilliance of Oviforia Sci, along with loads of other names you’ve never heard before.

Nowadays, although not necessarily synonymous with electronic music, the likes of Madrid, Barcelona and bits of the Basque country have a reputable electronic music scene, mostly a result of artists in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s artists figuring it all out on their own terms and from a distance to the usual electronic power hubs, variously updating old styles, importing from parallel scenes, and essentially imagining their own. In the past decade’s groundswell of reissued classic and obscure material, the likes of Dise?o Corbusier’s El Alma De La Estrella and various oddities from Esplendor Geom?trico, Luis Delgado and the Grabaciones Accidentales archive have been reissued and reappraised by the likes of Dead Cert Home Ents and EM Records, but now it’s the turn of the others to share the spotlight.

They’re generally all dancefloor-themed, or at least rhythm-driven and pop-wise, as opposed to avant or explicitly experimental. Aside from the better known Dise?o Corbusier ace Golpe De Amistad, you’ll also come across their much rarer Meta Metallic [1985] ace nestled next to the hoppin’ punk hustle of Zombies’ La Rebeli?n de los Objetos, and tentative 4th world/post-punk mapping recalling 23 Skidoo in Derribos Arias’ A Fl?or. The aforementioned bendy disco bewt, Mao’s Children by Oviformia Sci is a really big highlight for the DJs, as are the fresh cuts of Mosc? est? helado and the wiry funk of TodoTodo’s electro bubbler Autogas and the Liquid G-alike EBM force of Himno from El Humano Marrano, while natty surprises keep on coming in the form of Derribos Arias’ Suicide-like dream-bop ditty Aprenda Alem?n en 7 dias, and in the melodic fructose of L?nea Vienesa’s Cangrejos en la cocina.

So yeh, as you can see and hear, there was a lot of quality gear coming from Spain during that fecund, pre- home computer period, which makes this set rather tasty as both a historical education and a class set of tunes.


1. Esplendor Geom?trico - Mosc? Est? Helado (03:44)
2. Zombies - Extra?os Juegos (02:42)
3. Derribos Arias - Aprenda Alem?n En 7 Dias (03:25)
4. TodoTodo - Autogas (04:40)
5. El Humano Marrano - Himno (03:32)
6. El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados - Gestalt (01:52)
7. La Fura Dels Baus - Mare? (06:27)
8. L?nea Vienesa - Cangrejos En La Cocina (02:38)
9. Dise?o Corbusier - Golpe De Amistad (03:57)
10. Tres - I Doubt (03:02)
11. Derribos Arias - A Fl?or (05:26)
12. Zombies - La Rebeli?n De Los Objetos (02:30)
13. Dise?o Corbusier - Meta Metalic (03:29)
14. Los Iniciados - La Marca De Anubis (03:09)
15. Lavabos Iturriaga - China (02:42)
16. El Aviador Dro - Nuclear si (03:00)
17. Ovifornia SCI - Mao's Children (05:55)
18. De Picnic - Jeanette Me Quiere (05:18)
19. La T - Dark Fields (03:52)


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