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Amadeus Quartet - Complete Recordings On Deutsche Grammophon (70CDs, 2017)

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Amadeus Quartet - Complete Recordings On Deutsche Grammophon (70CDs, 2017)
Artist: Amadeus Quartet
Title Of Album: Complete Recordings On Deutsche Grammophon
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Country: Germany
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (*tracks, covers)
Bitrate: Lossless
Full Size: 18,7 Gb

The Amadeus were the most successful and highly-regarded Quartet of the 20th century. Benefitting from the jet aeroplane and from the record industry s ability to reach out to world, they dominated chamber music making for nearly 40 years.
But concert tours are only successful if reviews are ecstatic and audiences delighted. They both were. For nearly 40 years, the Quartet (who styled themselves The Wolf-Gang ) roved the world, argued, celebrated and worked like no other group, and changed not a single member: Norbert Brainin, Siegmund Nissel, Peter Schidlof and Martin Lovett had a recording career from 1951 to 1987, ending only with the death of Peter Schidlof in 1987.
These 70 CDs presenting almost their entire discography, together with distinguished and extensive presentation form one of the most extensive chamber music sets ever created, and stands as eloquent testimony to their thoughtful musicianship, technical calibre and to the immense esteem in which the world held them.

CD1 MOZART: String Quartets K. 458, 428, 590
CD2 MOZART: String Quartets K. 464, 465, 575
CD3 MOZART: String Quartets K. 421, 499, 589
CD4 MOZART: String Quintets K. 515 & 614 Cecil Aronowitz
CD5 MOZART: String Quintet K. 516 & 593 Cecil Aronowitz
CD6 MOZART: String Quartets K. 428 & 590, String Quintet K.516
CD7 HOFFSTETTER (attr. Haydn): String Quartet op. 3/5 HAYDN: The Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross op. 51
CD8 HAYDN: String Quartets opp. 54/1-2, 64/3
CD9 HAYDN: String Quartets opp. 74/1, 74/3, 77/1, 103
CD10 MOZART: String Quartet K. 458**SCHUBERT: String Quartets D 87, 112MENDELSSOHN: Four Pieces for String Quartet op. 81
CD11 Quartets SCHUBERT: String D 804 & 887
CD12 SCHUBERT: Stringb Quartets D 810 “Death and the Maiden” & 703 BRAHMS: String Quartet op. 51/1
CD13 BRAHMS: String Quartets opp. 51/2, 67
CD14-15 BEETHOVEN: String Quartets opp. 18/1-6
CD16-17 BEETHOVEN: String Quartets opp. 59/1-3, 74
CD18-20 BEETHOVEN: String Quartets opp. 95, 127, 133, 130, 131, 132, 135
CD21 BEETHOVEN: String Quartet op. 14/1, String Quintet op. 29 Cecil Aronowitz
CD22 BEETHOVEN: String Quartets WoO. 36/1-3
CD23** (35th anniversary recital at Wigmore Hall, previously released on LP) BEETHOVEN: String Quartet op. 59/3 HAYDN: String Quartet op. 76/2
CD24 (Last recording) BEETHOVEN: String Quartets opp. 59/3, 74
CD25-27 BEETHOVEN: String Quartets opp. 127**, 131**, 132**, 135, 130, 133
CD28 BRAHMS: String Quartets op. 51/1-2
CD29 BRAHMS: String Quartet op. 67, Piano Quintet op. 34 Christoph Eschenbach
CD30 BRAHMS: String Quintets opp. 88 & 111 Cecil Aronowitz
CD31 BRAHMS: Piano Quartet op. 25 Emil Gilels Clarinet Quintet op. 115 Karl Leister
CD32 BRAHMS: String Sextets opp. 18 & 36 Cecil Aronowitz, William Pleeth
CD33 HAYDN: The Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross op. 51
CD34-35 HAYDN: String Quartets opp. 54/1-3, 55/1-3
CD36-37 HAYDN: String Quartets opp. 64/1-6
CD38-39 HAYDN: String Quartets opp. 71/1-3, op. 74/1-3
CD40-42 HAYDN: String Quartets opp. 76/1-6, op. 77/1-2, op. 103
CD43 MOZART: String Quartet K. 458 HAYDN: String Quartet op. 76/3
CD44-45 MOZART: String Quartets K. 80, 155, 156-158, 159, 169-173
CD46-49 MOZART: String Quartets K. 387, 421, 458, 428, 464 136, 137, 465, 499, 160, 168, 575, 589, 590, Divertimento K. 138
CD50-51 MOZART: String Quintets K. 406, 515, 593 (+ alternate take of the final movement), 174, 516, 614 Cecil Aronowitz
CD52 MOZART: Flute Quartets K. 285, 285a, 171 (285b), 298 Andreas Blau
CD53 MOZART: Oboe Quartet K. 370 Lothar Koch Horn Quintet K. 407 Gerd Seifert Clarinet Quintet K. 581 Gervase de Peyer
CD54 MOZART: Divertimento K. 563
CD55** MOZART: Piano Quartets K. 478 & 493 Walter Klien
CD56 MOZART: Serenade “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” K. 525 Rainer Zepperitz Divertimento for 2 Horns and Strings K. 522 Gerd Seifert, Manfred Klier Adagio and Fugue K. 546
CD57 MOZART: Piano Quartets K. 478 & 493 Clifford Curzon
CD58** SCHUBERT: String Quartets D 87, 112, 173
CD59** SCHUBERT: String Quartets D 804, 887, 703
CD60 SCHUBERT: Quintet “The Trout” D 667 Emil Gilels String Quartet D 810 “Death and the Maiden”
CD61 SCHUBERT: String Quartet D 810 “Death and the Maiden” & 703
CD62 SCHUBERT: String Quintet D 956 William Pleeth
CD63 SCHUBERT: String Quintet D 956 Robert Cohen
CD64 DVOR?K: String Quartet op. 96 “American” (1959 & 1977)
CD65 BRUCKNER: String Quintet in F Major SMETANA: String Quartet No. 1 “From My Life”
CD66 VERDI: String Quartet in E minor TCHAIKOVSKY: String Quartet op. 11
CD67 BRITTEN: String Quartets opp. 36 & 94
CD68** MACMILLAN: String Quartet in C minor Two Sketches on French Canadian Airs
CD69 FRICKER: String Quartet op. 20** RAINIER: String Quartet** BRIDGE: Fantasy for Piano Quintet in F sharp minor Benjamin Britten
CD70* BRITTEN: String Quartet op. 94 (35th anniversary recital at Wigmore Hall, previously unreleased!) Amadeus Quartet BEETHOVEN: String Quartet op. 18/5 “Gottlieb Quartet” DE WEILLE: Holdrioh, liebe

*First Release
**First Release on CD

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