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Maurizio Barbacini - Giuseppe Verdi: Gustavo III (2003)

Classic | Author: SELMER | 11-04-2018, 07:27
Maurizio Barbacini - Giuseppe Verdi: Gustavo III (2003)
Artist: Susanne Resmark, Maurizio Barbacini, Gothenburg Opera House Chorus & Gothenburg Opera House Orchestra
Title Of Album: Giuseppe Verdi: Gustavo III
Year Of Release: 2003
Label: Dynamic
Country: Italy
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (*image + .cue, log, artwork)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 2 hours 6 minutes
Full Size: 512 MB


CD 1
1. Un ballo in maschera: Prelude
2. Act I Scene 1: Posa in pace, a' bei sogni ristora (Chorus, Ribbing, Dehorn, Conspirators)
3. Scene 2: S'avanza il Re! (Oscar, Gustavo, Chorus, Ribbing, Dehorn, Conspirators) - Scene 3: Deh come (Ankastrom, Gustavo)
4. Scene 3: Alla vita che t'arride (Ankastrom)
5. Scene 4: Il primo Guidice (Oscar, Gustavo, Judge)
6. Scene 5: Signori: oggi d'Ulrica (Gustavo, Ankastrom, Ribbing, Dehorn, Chorus)
7. Scene 6: Zitti ? L'incanto non dessi turbare ? (Chorus, Ulrica)
8. Scene 7: Arrivo il primo! (Gustavo, Women, Chidren, Chorus)
9. Scene 8: Su, fatemi largo, saper vo' il mio fato (Cristiano, Ulrica, Gustavo, Chorus, Servant)
10. Scene 9: Che v'agita cosi? (Ulrica, Amelia, Gustavo, Voices Backstage)
11. Scene 10: Su, profetessa, monta il treppie (Ribbing, Dehorn, Chorus, Oscar, Gustavo, Ulrica)
12. Scene 10: E scherzo od e follia (Gustavo, Ulrica, Ribbing, Dehorn, Conspirators, Oscar, Chorus)
13. Scene 10: Finisci il vaticinio (Gustavo, Ulrica) - Scene 11: Eccolo! (Oscar, Ribbing, Dehorn, Chorus, Gustavo, Ankastrom ? ) - Scene 12: E lui (Cristiano, Chorus, Gustavo,

14. Act II Scene 1: I'orrido campo ove s'accoppia (Amelia)
15. Scene 1: Ma dall'arido stelo divulsa (Amelia)
16. Scene 2: Teco io sto! ? (Gustavo, Amelia)
17. Scene 2: Non sai tu che se l'anima mia (Gustavo, Amelia)
18. Scene 2: M'ami ? M'ami! (Gustavo, Amelia)

CD 2
19. Act II Scene 2: Ahime! S'appressa Alcun! (Amelia, Gustavo) - Scene 3: Tu qui? (Gustavo, Ankastrom, Amelia)
20. Scene 3: Odi tu come fremono cupi (Amelia, Ankastrom, Gustavo)
21. Scene 4: Seguitemi (Ankastrom, Amelia) - Scene 5: Eccoli (Amelia, Ankastrom, Ribbing, Dehorn, Chorus)
22. Scene 5: Signor Conte ? (Dehorn, Ribbing, Ankastrom, Amelia, Chorus)
23. Scene 5: Ve' se di notte, qui colla sposa (Ribbing, Dehorn)
24. Scene 5: Ah! ah! ah! ah! (Chorus, Amelia, Ankastrom)
25. Scene 5: Converreste in casa mia (Ankastrom, Ribbing, Dehorn, Chorus, Amelia)

26. Un ballo in maschera: Act III Scene 1: A tal colpa e nulla il pianto (Ankastrom, Amelia)
27. Scene 1: Morro, ma prima in grazia (Amelia)
28. Scene 1: Alzati! la tuo figlio (Ankastrom) - Scene 2: Non e su lei (Ankastrom)
29. Scene 2: E sei tu che macchiavi quell'anima (Ankastrom)
30. Scene 3: Siam soli. Udite (Ankastrom, Ribbing, Dehorn)
31. Scene 3: Tutti stretti alla fede d'un patto (Ankastrom, Ribbing, Dehorn)
32. Scene 4: Tu! (Ankastrom, Amelia)
33. Scene 4: Or leggete ? (Ankastrom, Ribbing, Amelia)
34. Scene 4: Il messaggio entri! (Ankastrom) - Scene 5: Signora (Oscar, Amelia, Ankastrom, Ribbing, Dehorn)
35. Scene 6: Forse la soglia attinse (Gustavo)
36. Scene 6: Ah dessa e la ? (Gustavo) - Scene 7: Ignota donna (Oscar, Gustavo) - Scene 8: Si, rivederti (Gustavo) - Scene 9: Fervono (Chorus) - Scene 10: Altro (Dehorn, Anka
37. Scene 10: Saper vorreste Di che si veste (Oscar, Ankastrom)
38. Scene 11: Ah perche qui! fuggite ? (Amelia, Gustavo, Ankastrom)
39. Scene 11: Soccorso! (Amelia, Oscar) - Last Scene: Porta la morte (Amelia, Oscar, Chorus, Gustavo)
40. Scene 11: Ella e pura, in braccio a morte (Gustavo, Ankastrom, Amelia, Oscar, Chorus, Ribbing, Dehorn)

True lovers of opera know that Verdi’s Ballo in maschera was originally set in Stockholm, at the Court of Gustav III, King of Sweden. That first version was censured for political reasons and Verdi was forced to change names, setting and several passages of the score. But now, on the initiative of Philip Gosset and Ilaria Narici, musicologists of Casa Ricordi, Gustavo III has been reconstructed, thanks, also, to the recent rediscovery of some Verdian manuscripts. Perhaps the most relevant change concerns the famous romance Eri tu of the baritone: the original E sei tu is altogether different and from a fierce and raging aria it becomes a melancholic Swedish song of popular inspiration.

Gustav III is one of the noblest figures of Swedish history and the prospect of staging in a lyrical theatre the magnificence of his court and the sad story of his downfall has always been deep-felt in Sweden. Thanks to the collaboration between the Gothenburg Opera House and Dynamic, here then is one of Verdi’s greatest masterpieces as it was initially conceived; with Macbeth (CDS 194/1-2) and Simon Boccanegra (CDS 268/1-2) it contributes to the rediscovery of the composer’s origianl scores.

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