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From Modern Jazz To New Thing (1957-1959) - La Grande Histoire Du Jazz Vol. 4 (2010)

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From Modern Jazz To New Thing (1957-1959) - La Grande Histoire Du Jazz Vol. 4 (2010) Artist: VA
Title Of Album: From Ragtime To Swing (1898-1952) - La Grande Histoire Du Jazz Vol. 4
Year Of Release: 2010
Label (Catalog#): Harmonia Mundi
Country: Italian
Genre: Jazz / Hard Bop / Modal Music / Third Stream
Quality: FLAC (*tracks+.cue+.log)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 34:00:27
Full Size: 11.7 Gb

An epic 100 CD chronological documentation of the history of jazz music from 1898 to 1959, housed in four boxed sets. Each box contains 25 slipcase CDs, a booklet (up to 186 pages) and an index. The booklets contain extensive notes (Eng/Fr) with recording dates and line-ups. 31 hours of music in each box, totalling 1677 tracks Each track has been restored and mastered from original sources.
NOVEMBER 2010 - 25 CD 4 boxes
Le Chant du Monde has teamed up with Andr? Francis and Jean Schwarz, two of the greatest jazz specialists, to offer:
THE GREAT HISTORY OF JAZZ, a great encyclopedia of jazz sound from its origins to the modern age.
"All the Jazz from Scott Joplin & Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis & John Coltrane."
To date, such a realization has no equivalent in the phonographic world!
This chronological in 100 CD was "admonished" in four distinct periods, each represented by a standalone unit for 25 CD.
Various Artists - From Modern Jazz To New Thing (1957-1959) - La Grande Histoire Du Jazz Vol. 4 (2010) {Box 25CD - 100 of 100}
Thus it is possible to acquire any of these boxes without the urgent need to own the whole, each box has its own editorial consistency. The designers have made a good mix of masterpieces and rare recordings unavoidable, real gems often poetic daring and crucial for their time.
All titles have been restored and mastered from original sources with extreme care and the ongoing effort to balance the sound of all. + 31 hours of music BY BOX for a total of 1677 works (Each CD offers 75 minutes of music).
Each box of 25 CDs contains two booklets:
Book 1: blurbs, reviews, photos, comprehensive and detailed credits (bilingual edition English / French)
Booklet 2: like an encyclopaedia, index of sources and artists of all boxes, handy search and quick. The design is original. Each kit can be assessed alone or combine to form a beautiful set.
Various Artists - From Modern Jazz To New Thing (1957-1959) - La Grande Histoire Du Jazz Vol. 4 (2010) {Box 25CD - 100 of 100}
Andr? Francis et Jean Schwartz ont arr?t? la collection "les tr?sors du jazz" , dernier titre "1957" pour ouvrir la collection "la grande histoire du jazz" en recommencant depuis le d?but.
Le volume 4 de la grande histoire du jazz couvre les ann?es 58-59 et pas 55-59 comme indiqu?.
premier CD num?rot? 76 dat? de novembre-d?cembre 1957
dernier CD num?rot? 100 dat? de novembre-d?cembre 1959
Sur les 335 morceaux de ce coffret, il y en a que 16 qui apparaissaient d?j?
dans les derniers CD de "Les Tr?sors du jazz 1957", num?rot?s 74 et 75.
Bref, ce coffret permet de poursuivre l'ancienne collection en doublonnant uniquement 16 morceaux de la fin de l'ann?e 57.
Various Artists - From Modern Jazz To New Thing (1957-1959) - La Grande Histoire Du Jazz Vol. 4 (2010) {Box 25CD - 100 of 100}
The producer is Andr? Francis
No publisher dared to embark on an encyclopedia of jazz sound, the equivalent of a dictionary. Le Chant du Monde Label's boss, Alain Raemakers, a regular conceptor of re editions, is not cold with the neurons. He gave the green light to two heavyweights: a specialist technician to restore old recordings (John Schwarz), and a columnist for the Jazz, also a producer (Andrew Francis). Until then, the reissues were limited to flying over small fields. Thus the label had already re-released boxes per year. This time, the duo has done restoration work on a large scale.
Here are 100 CDs released in the first half century of jazz epic. A company impeccable, original, and swollen. In 125 hours, the sum opens the pathway from Louis Armstrong to John Coltrane. The set consists of four boxes of CD 25, then lectured by the same token autonomous. The price of each box is around 60 euros.
Interview with Andrew Francis
Why this business?
I see no reason to ignore such diversity. The richness of jazz is like having evolved constantly. I am pleased to have been able to build a small city of reference for young people who have not had access to this phenomenal music.
You have been criticized reluctance vis-?-vis the free jazz. Have you encouraged the jazz classic in the box to the detriment of its progress?
The fourth volume of the box set The Great History of Jazz ends in 1959, and free only began in 1961 … Moreover, it was not until the late 70s as fans have hoped that I only the music of this. In this case the free. I have never traded. While Don Cherry, to name one, was needed. But Duke Ellington continued to compose works bold, with young musicians. Traditional jazz, modern jazz, continued to produce remarkable records … along with the free jazz. I also observed that teachers were changing. The Miles Davis "Funk" had kept the vibration of Charlie Parker. Other examples? The conductor Gil Evans, very modern, remained bound to tradition. I never defended the break. I realized that continuity of Jazz in my shows and my writings.
The free he has done good to Jazz?
Of course. I can understand the anger of Jazzmen, while racism against blacks in the U.S. was outrageous. He responded by destructuring forms of music. Simply, jazz is marginalized. The audience of jazz declined from Free. But we had to do, and that musicians go after their passions. Moreover, it is not too serious. I prefer the free to pop, which cretinized crowds.
In your opinion, the Free he brings out the Masters of Jazz?
Obviously. I quoted Don Cherry. Ornette Coleman also has its place in history. Some of his themes are striking in their beauty. Been Lonely Woman? A superb piece! Ornette is now among the last important creators.
I confirm. La Villette concert last year. How wonderful!
With other jazz musicians, other free-jazz musicians, we must enter into a new renaissance, and for this finding other bases. The encyclopedia gives existing databases.
Your fondest memory?
In late May 1948, the Hot Club de France organized a festival at the Theatre Marigny. One evening, Coleman Hawkins and Errol Garner took the stage. The music takes off again in my dreams. Subsequently, I had met Hawkins and Eartha Kitt at the Theatre Pigalle. The queue for tickets ran down the street from Pigalle to Trinity Church.
A piece of kit that moves you like the first day?
Coleman Hawkins, yet, in The Man I Love. When the pianist Eddie Heywood doubles the tempo, and that Hawkins's saxophone follows … Breathtakingly beautiful … Unimaginable!

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